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Health and Nutrition:

We believe that all children have a right to adequate nutrition as envisaged in the Convention on Rights of the Child (CRC). Yet, access to nutritious food remains a huge challenge to Orphans and Vulnerable Children and/or poor and vulnerable children given the high poverty levels that continue to strike the country. As such, children’s physical growth and or immune development are severally affected. Once the immune system is affected, children become prone to serious illnesses and diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria and other health conditions. Helping provide healthy food and good medical care is essential.​

Marie Wright Children's Foundation Orphanage has a garden to help with healthy food and nutrition. Please see their website for more details on this project.

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​Education and Rights:

​Marie Wright Children's Foundation is particularly focused on Quality Education of Sustainable Development. The goal aims to: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. However, Orphans and Vulnerable Children and children from vulnerable families are often left out in spite of the free education policy directions by the government of Uganda. Indeed, availability of free education does not automatically guarantee or translate into access, especially by the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and children from vulnerable families. As such, Marie Wright Children's Foundation  is focused on Quality Eduacation and the rights of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children to receive it.

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Water and Sanitation:

Marie Wright Children's Foundation’s WASH Program is focused on Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

WASH is central to the proper growth and development of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, and Marie Wright Children's Foundation therefore, focuses on Safe water, improved sanitation, menstrual hygiene management for girls and hygiene promotion.

The following are the activities that we invite you to partner with us:

1. Provide and sustain safe water supply systems for children in communities and schools. This encompasses supply, management and maintenance activities to ensure quality water and functionality of water systems. We believe that availability of safely available water services increases school enrollment, attendance, retention, healthy learning, and performance.

2. Implement community-based behavioral change and market-based sanitation approaches in rural communities and schools to end open defecation. Marie Wright Children's Foundation plans to construct sanitation facilities for schools and families with vulnerable children. This will help to ensure that our children live in clean environments for quality life, disease prevention, reduced infant mortality and increased productivity.

3. To supply re-usable pads to vulnerable girls in under Marie Wright Children's Foundation  ministry. This is to be done alongside Menstrual Hygiene Management training of children break taboos associated with Menstrual Hygiene Management in rural schools. 4. Develop and implement hand-washing practices using appropriate technologies that meet needs of the children under Marie Wright Children's Foundation ministry while upholding inclusiveness and dignity.

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Marie Wright Children's Foundation WASH & COVID-19 Activities:

Marie Wright Children's Foundation believes that provision of safely managed WASH services coupled with sensitization and awareness creation remains central to the control and prevention of COVID-19. As such, to break the routes of coronavirus transmission, Marie Wright Children's Foundation is to focus on:

1. Marie Wright Children's Foundation goal to develop appropriate and contactless technologies and designs, it is working to implement regular hand washing for all children under its ministry. All children have to appropriately and effectively wash hands at key critical times using soap and water.

2. Marie Wright Children's Foundation goal is to ensure availability of safe water for children to wash their hands.

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Sponsorship of Children:

Marie Wright Children's Foundation relies on the generosity of sponsors for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children that the Ministry supports and provides the money for first four Projects. It is the goal of Marie Wright Children's Foundation to find a sponsor for each of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children within their Ministry. The following pages allows for this Project support. 

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Future Projects:

As more Projects are identified, they will be added. 

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