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Sponsor a Child at the Marie Wright Children's Foundation Orphanage!

Sponsoring a child at the Orphanage ran by the Marie Wright Children's Foundation in Kampala means you would send $150.00 three times a year for education tuition (January, April and September), as well as sending $50 for school materials and then monthly amounts of your choice for the well being and daily needs of your sponsored child. Contact us below for more information!

Baby Patrick Sponsor Photo.jpg

Patrick is 8 months old. As the youngest child at the Orphanage, he needs someone to sponsor him for formula and diapers and his daily needs. Will you help him? He is a happy baby boy!

Baby Karen Sponsor Photo.jpg

Karen is 15 months old. At just over a year old, she is needing someone to sponsor her for her daily needs. She is a happy little girl! Will you help her?


Kate is 4 years old. She is really hoping to find a sponsor soon. Like the other children at the Orphanage, she loves to laugh and smile and play. A sponsor can help with her needs and even some toys. Is that sponsor you?

Nakawuki Favor _edited.jpg

Favor Nakawuki loves to learn. She likes to play and have fun too. Please consider being a sponsor for Favor and help her with her needs and education.

Makubuya Remy.jpg

Remy Makubuya is wanting you to be his sponsor. He is a little boy who loves to play as well. By sponsoring Remy, you can give him some toys to play with and supply him with things he needs every day, as well as start him towards a good education.


Ester loves to play and learn. Will you be her sponsor to help her do that? A sponsor every month helps with Ester's daily needs and her education. 

Sponsored 4/27/2022 by Nancy West!

Katrina 3_edited.jpg

Katrina is 3 years old. She loves to laugh and play. Will you sponsor Katrina and keep her smiling and lauging? You can help her with her needs every day and even some toys to play with.

Sponsored on 4/27/2022 by Kim Kent!

Patricia 5_edited.jpg

Patricia is 5 years old. She is hoping that someone will choose her for her sponsor. She is wanting to learn a lot. She loves to play too.


Marauyah is 7. Will you sponsor her so she can go to school and learn and have a good education? She loves learning and being with her friends.

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