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June 2023 Newsletter

Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation

June 2023 Newsletter

The Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation has been approved for a Google Ads Grant that allows us to run Google Ads that will hopefully allow us to gain exposure on Google Searches.

We recently learned about these Grants that Google provides to Nonprofit Organizations. After researching and finding out what was needed to apply, we began all of the paperwork and filling out everything that Google required. On June 8th, we learned that our final hurdle was complete! We have been approved for a grant that lets us advertise on Google up to $329 per day! This is almost $10,000 per month.

A lot of work is still needed to make sure that our Google Ads work, but the first Google Ad was approved and began running on June 9th. Dr. Miller spent quite a few hours figuring it all out and getting this started up. We are very excited and hopefully, this will allow new people exposure to our website. We are praying for new donors and sponsors from the ability to run Google Ads. Please pray that it will work out well.

Orphanage Director and Orphan Child Injured

This news is unfortunate. Many have heard about the building collapse that left our Orphanage Director, Ismah Ssenvewo, injured. Additionally, another orphan child, Shamim, was hurt in this incident. We are praying for their complete healing.

Basically, a building being built next to Ismah Ssenvewo’s mom’s house collapsed and fell on the house. Fortunately, no one else was hurt.

We are raising funds for hospital bills and their care. Please continue praying for us to be able to raise everything needed for this. Keep Ismah and Shamim in your prayers for complete healing.

As of the publication of this newsletter, both Ismah and Shamin are ready to go home. As soon as the funds are raised, they can go home.

Summer Fundraising

As we continue into the summer, our Foundation fundraising goals are to raise funds for Food, Electricity and basic daily needs. Additionally, we are fundraising for the medical fund and for the next house payment (January, 2024).

As we seek new donors and people who will support the Orphanage in Kampala, we know that ultimately, we look to God for provision. We seek to transform the lives of the children of the Orphanage. This requires a team effort, as we partner with people who have a heart for helping children and orphans in need.

New Well Pump

The well pump at the Orphanage failed. Praise God, we were able to raise the funds needed in order to purchase a new one. It is instances like this, which we are wanting to try to fund raise an Emergency Fund so that the Orphanage would not have to wait until the funds are raised to purchase replacement parts or buy items that come up. We are so grateful to the donors who gave so that this new well pump could be purchased and installed.

We hope that this new pump will last a long time.

Thank you again to all of the donors who gave. May God richly bless you.

In God’s Work for the Children

Owen Miller PhD


Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation

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