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May Newsletter

Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation

May 2023 Newsletter

Orphanage Has Successful Cassava Harvest

The children of the Orphanage were successfully harvesting cassava this month. They happily worked hard to dig up the roots and help cook some.


The fruits of their labor is great for the children and they are working hard to add to their own food needs each month. As Ismah Ssenvewo put it, “The fruits of our kids' hard work at Marie Wright Children’s Foundation Orphanage. It's our cassava harvest from the garden up to the kitchen until eating them up. Thank you God for blessing us with this good harvest.” Ismah works hard as the Orphanage director to help teach the children that hard work is paying off!

Baby Patrick, Youngest Orphan, Recovers at Hospital, Goes Home with Help of

Loyal Supporter Donations

Little baby Patrick, as the youngest child at the Orphanage, has captured the hearts of the Orphanage workers and us as well. He demonstrates the power of the transformative donations that our loyal donors are so supportive of for the Marie Wright Children’s Foundation Orphanage. Together, we are able to make a difference in the lives of the children! We appreciate every donor, sponsor and supporter!

Fundraising Efforts Continue with Sponsor Campaign

This is a copy of the current Fundraising Campaign that we are working on. We are working on finding some small amount sponsors for sponsoring the entire Orphanage and all of the children. The money raised in such a way will go for food, necessities, medical costs and helping with whatever is needed. We have been pushing these posters and working on finding new sponsors.

Please pray that we will find success in this endeavor.

Social Media Use Continues

As this year continues to fly by, our presence on numerous social media platforms continues. Daily posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter keep our information going out to the public. Additionally, we have utilized LinkedIn and just recently we began to advertise on the Nextdoor App as well. We pray that through these efforts on social media, we can continue to help the children of the Orphanage by expanding the knowledge of and information about the Orphanage to new supporters and donors.

We were given an ad on Facebook. We presented the current fundraising campaign looking for small amount sponsors for the entire Orphanage. This ad ran for seven days. It had a reach of 8570 people with 69 people clicking on the information in the ad. While we have to expand this campaign further, we appreciated the chance to advertise and to get our information out to more people on Facebook.

All together, with 3 ads run recently (through amounts given to the Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation) 11, 384 people have seen our information. This generated 205 clicks on the ad information and 207 people providing further engagement with the ad. Please pray that our efforts will bear fruit and that new donors and sponsors will be found for the Orphanage and to help the children further.

In His Work for the Children,

Owen Miller PhD


Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation

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