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Newsletter April 2023

The orphans at the Orphanage in Kampala enjoy the benefits that our donors and loyal sponsors enable them to enjoy. In the picture here, the children are so happy to get some needed food and necessary supplies. They really do have so much gratitude for all who help them with providing the funds for purchasing the food and necessities every month! As you can see in the picture provided here, they are so grateful! And our loyal sponsors and donors provide it for them! Thank you all! May God richly bless each of you tenfold.

We could not do what we do to transform the lives of the children of the Orphanage without our loyal sponsors and donors and the people who support us on our Facebook Page and each month! From education to food and the needed supplies every month; to electricity and health care, our sponsors and donors mean the world to us and our children living at the Orphanage! We want to appreciate you and show you our gratitude!

Advisory Board Member Added

The Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation Board is pleased to announce that we have added an Advisory Board Member! Marc Crawford has agreed to help us in this capacity. Marc and Jennifer, his wife, are staunch supporters of the Marie Wright Children’s Foundation and the children! We wanted to let you all know that in this role, Marc Crawford will provide advice and continue his fundraising efforts that he has been so involved with already.

Marc and Jennifer Crawford live in Jacksonville, Florida and have four children. Thank you so much Marc for agreeing to provide Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation with your advice and some guidance. Marc is a police officer and a busy dad to his children. We appreciate you so much!

Showcasing Some of the Children

The pictures included here of some of the children at the Orphanage are of them enjoying the supplies that they need and love to receive. This is thanks to loyal donors and sponsors!

Seeing the smiling faces of the children as they are getting ready to eat, we can see that they are so happy and thankful for what they have! Thank you donors and sponsors for giving to these beautiful children.

As we can see, they are happy and they really appreciate all that they have. The lives of the children at the Orphanage have been transformed from when they were orphans on the street! We are hoping to continue transforming their lives through continued support for food and a quality education.

Second Semester of School Begins

Our children really appreciate their sponsor! They are provided much better education when our loyal sponsors give for their tuition. The first semester has been completed and the children going to school will be working in the second semester of school, which starts April 8th.

Thank you again to our sponsors! As always, we need more, but without YOU, our LOYAL SPONSORS, our children would not get the education that they

Fundraising Efforts Continue

As spring is starting up, our efforts to raise the needed funds for the children’s food, necessities, medical and education continue. If any of our donors or loyal sponsors and supporters have any online fundraiser ideas, or wish to conduct a garage sale and donate part or all of the proceeds to the children, please let me or Jennifer Miller know. We appreciate all of you. We have been working hard to get more supporters and donors for the Orphanage. Please pray that we can be successful in these endeavors. Please see our website, for more ideas for any of you, our loyal supporters, to raise money for the children and the Orphanage.

Thank you all once again. We cannot operate or raise any money without YOU! We appreciate all that you do! May God richly bless all of our sponsors, donors and supporters!

With sincere gratitude,

Owen Miller PhD


Friends of Marie Wright Children’s Foundation

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